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  1. Add a new query table for grant queries that surfaces the acknowledgement data from the Fund

  2. Add Docket data points to query  ·  Backlog

  3. Query area improvements: ability search query names, see who created query in the grid, and edit queries from the individual query screen.

  4. Add ability to pull in Comments in Grid or Query  ·  Backlog

  5. Add Web User information to Constituent Query

  6. Stay Logged in Reminder

  7. Add DonorCentral demo site or walk-through video for prospective fundholders  ·  Backlog

  8. Add "Today's Date" as a Merge Field/Query Field for Grant Correspondence  ·  Backlog

  9. Hide dashboard

  10. Fund Module - quick fund status report - from data grid view  ·  Backlog

  11. Data grid views - fund module - popup menu that would allow you to pick a fund for a certain view  ·  Backlog

  12. Create a data analysis of "promises" that were realized.  ·  Backlog

  13. Include more fields on the grant import template  ·  Backlog

  14. Have regrant process routine add the requestor's Default Acknowledgement Letter Addressee information to the grant request.  ·  In Review

  15. Add the temporarily restricted balance as a choice in the Data Grid in Funds to use in determining spendable.  ·  Backlog

  16. Add Obvious sort function in DonorCentral  ·  Backlog

  17. Site Administration Export should include Fund Name and Rep Type  ·  Backlog

  18. SWP Contribution ["History"] page extremely slow to load  ·  Backlog

  19. Ability to copy a posted gift that creates a new unposted gift.  ·  Backlog

  20. Vendor Portal, Payment Request data entry, dropdown list option for "Purpose" field  ·  Backlog